a. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Gupta,
M. Sc. (Physics) Ph.D. FIETE, FIGU, FAPASc.

He has obtained the M. Sc. (Physics) degree from Rajasthan University and Ph.D. (Physics) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. He has contributed more than 50 papers in National and International magazines. He is widely traveled and is an expert in the field of Remote Sensing.

b. Dr. R. Krishnan,
Ph. D in Control Engineering, Indian Institute of Science
Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network and Image Processing.
c. Shri C. Lal,
M. Tech., Electronics, from JK Institute of Technology, Allahabad
Retired Gp. Director, SGTSG (Satellite Ground Technology & Systems Group) of Space Applications Centre,